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Portfolio Category: Audio

Audio Mastering

Whether is a podcast, promotional video, video documentary, instructional video or audio book, your audio is key to a successful final product. We have the tools and most importantly, the experience to master the audio for your next project. We ensure all layers of sound are clean or pops, hiss, or hums, maximized for the…
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Audio Solutions

From small system upgrade, full system design or distribution needs we will provide the solution right for you. Our approach starts with a review of your current infrastructure and needs then consideration of your future desires and needs. ¬†We will work with you and your budget to design a solution that will meet your current…
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Audio editing for dance

Don't let audio quality be a problem for your next dance show. Editing your audio tracks can seem like a simple job, but if not done correctly permanent damage can be done to the audio file. This damage doesn't usually show up until you are in the theatre or you are sending a feed to…
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