Audio editing and normalizing for dance

//Audio editing and normalizing for dance

Audio editing and normalizing for dance

Don't let audio quality be a problem for your next dance show. Editing your audio tracks can seem like a simple job, but if not done correctly permanent damage can be done to the audio file. This damage doesn't usually show up until you are in the theatre or you are sending a feed to your video camera for show recording. Audio peaks can distort the sound at a root level leaving you, your performers, and your audience cringing.

We can create your show tracks for you, saving you headache and frustration.

Our professional studio setup can manage all your edits as you prepare your dances. Let us know which track you want and we will source it, make any cuts or modifications you need and then normalize it against all the other tracks in your show. Once all the tracks are completed we will produce a Q-Lab playlist will all the tracks ready to play after setting a main level only once. You won’t have to change settings in Q-Lab for each number! We will even deliver your Q-Lab bundle to the theatre (*area restrictions apply) and test the playlist.

Don’t let your sound be a headache for you, instead let us do the work for you in our professional studio with guaranteed results.

Prices start as low as $4.00 per song!

Contact us for more details.

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